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Phurix Accepts Bitcoin

Phurix is now trailing bitcoin, via our payment processor This means you can now purchase cPanel web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Unix shell accounts, Domain names, cPanel Licences and more!

Payments made are automatically converted to GBP at the current exchange rate and then are credited to your account after one network confirmation – this is usually in less than 10 minutes.


Domain Slamming

Ever received one of those domain renewal notices from companies such as “Domain Registry of America” or “Domain Renewal Group” claiming that your domain is about to expire and you need to renew with them?

We’ve had them too, a lot of people have and this has been going on for a very long time.

Why has nobody done anything about this?

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Announcing Phurix Labs

I’ve been thinking about retiring this site for some time now, but have been toying with the pros and cons.

A decision had to be made.

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British fuel cost per mile

I was trying to work out how to estimate how much fuel was costing me per mile at the moment based upon my car’s average mpg.

It’s not so easy because you have to convert from miles per gallon to pence per liter, not only that but it’s an imperial gallon.

Surely there’s a calculator out there that could do this for me to save me having to remember how to work it out.

There wasn’t, but I had an idea.

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Comments sucks

I’ve been trying to get a quote for a part for a Dell laptop, when I contacted Dell UK, they told me to contact “Upgrade Options”. They offered no other alternative.

I’ve tried emailing them…

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