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Creating a Digg clone for your niche market

First of all you need to choose your weapon:

  • Code your own
  • Pay someone else to code it for you
  • Use an already existing open source CMS

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Start your own free email service

I have been interested in starting my own free email service for some time now.

Over the years i’ve seen free email services such as, yahoo, and now, to name just a few of the many thousands out there.

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How to add/remove words in the firefox custom spell check dictionary

I added a word to my Mozilla Firefox spell check personal dictionary by mistake the other day, and could not figure out how to remove it. Firefox seriously lacks custom dictionary management.

To open your profile directory do the following or use the “Open Profile Folder Firefox Add-on“…

Simply go to Start -> Run, enter:


Locate the profile you’re using (usually default.something).

Then, inside the folder you will find a file named “persdict.dat”.

Open that, and there you have it, your custom list of words.

Edit it how you like save, and restart Firefox.

All done!

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