Phurix Accepts Bitcoin

Phurix is now trailing bitcoin, via our payment processor This means you can now purchase cPanel web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Unix shell accounts, Domain names, cPanel Licences and more!

Payments made are automatically converted to GBP at the current exchange rate and then are credited to your account after one network confirmation – this is usually in less than 10 minutes.


UK Business License

We recently had an issue with a US based company who asked us for the following:

Copy of your business license via PDF/JPG scanned (preferred) and emailed or faxed

We went on to explain that we don’t have a business license, they clearly didn’t understand and they proclaimed: Read the rest of this entry »

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EFnet UK

On Sunday July 19 2009 Hardy announced on the EFnet website that Demon Internet will be delinking and from the EFnet IRC network in August.

For me, it marks the end of an era. There are no more UK IRC servers on the EFnet IRC network.

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