Anti Email Spam in the UK

Many years back I began investigating anti email spam in the UK as a way to defend against the amount amount of email spam we were receiving to certain email addresses.

The reason this email address was getting so much spam is because it was harvested by a website spider bot, as the email address was placed on company website by the previous webmaster.

DO NOT put your email address or any email addresses directly on your website, instead use a form.

Back then there was only examples of support for US, but very little support in the UK.

One thing I did find was the Office Of Fair Trading Spam Tips but they were not very useful, the website has some nice tips on “junk email“, if only something existed like this for the UK.

I discovered that in the US you can send your junk/spam email to and they will pursue law enforcement actions against people sending the emails.

After I read the NEW RULES ON EMAIL MARKETING article, I figured I could issue a complaint with the Information Commissioner via this form.

Update: In 2010 the BBC offered an article entitled: “How can I stop getting spam emails?” which seems to offer sufficient advice, there’s also a whole heap of resources in the Dmoz “email spam” directory.


Has friendster been hacked?

I noticed an unusual email when I checked my Gmail account today.

Sure it was spam, but this one was tagged with a “Password” tag, a tag that I used to filter any emails that contain an old password.

Low and behold there was my password displayed right in the email. So, of course, the first thing to do was to check the email headers to see how the email was routed.

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Over sixteen ways to obfuscate e-mail addresses

Back in 2007 I wrote about email addresses on your website and how to avoid putting your email address in plain text.

A guy I know, named “csarven” also wrote about methods to hide email addresses from page source providing over 16 concepts for hiding your email address.

This was useful, but not practical, so I decided to write a PHP class…

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email address on your website

This is something that people don’t seem to realise, and although I tell them over and over it seems to go ignored.


The reason is that spam bots crawl websites and gather email addresses, then place them into a list ready to spam.

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