How can I recycle my computer hardware?


There’s many ways to recycle your computer hardware. The most common methods are as follows:

  • Charities
  • Recycle centres
  • Manufacturers
  • Traders


Although there are many charities out there (check your Yellow Pages), there are very few charities dedicated to recycling computer hardware, however they do exist, and they are as follows…

From the above sites you can find a whole load of companies offering to recycle your computer hardware.

Other charities include:

Recycle centers

There are hundreds of them, ring up your local computer shop (see Yellow Pages) and ask them if they recycle computers for charitiy, or you can check the following lists:

Specific recycling centers include:


Many manufacturers will have a recycling policy, here are a few:

If your manufacturer isn’t listed above, simply contact them and ask them what their “recycling policy” is.


Never just throw away your computer equiptment, even if its no longer any use to you, it may be useful to someone.

Try and sell or trade it…

  • eBay
  • cex
  • Your local computer shop
  • Your local IT expert

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