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Phurix Accepts Bitcoin

Phurix is now trailing bitcoin, via our payment processor This means you can now purchase cPanel web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Unix shell accounts, Domain names, cPanel Licences and more!

Payments made are automatically converted to GBP at the current exchange rate and then are credited to your account after one network confirmation – this is usually in less than 10 minutes.



Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer cryto currency and we’ve been working on a free service for bitcoin users to help with accepting payments. is what is known as a “Bitcoin eWallet Service” with an easily accessible API aimed at web developers, to allow the acceptance of bitcoins and to process the payments automatically and anonymously from our network via an unbranded interface, at no fee, without having to run a bitcoin client. works by providing your customer with a unique wallet address, which is linked to your account. The service then checks the Bitcoin p2p network at regular intervals. Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a notification by email and the transaction data will be sent to a script of your choice, which can then be used to process the order and populate your database.

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